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Monday, August 10, 2020

Curriculum Visions Online

Curriculum Visons


Welcome to your new online library, video centre and lesson plan/worksheet/activity bank that teachers and students can use at home and in school at any time – day or night!

You already may have borrowed printed copies of the Curriculum Visions series from Resources for Learning or you may have copies in your school’s library.  Resources for Learning is delighted to offer Curriculum Visions Online to schools subscribing to the RfL Gold Packages at no extra cost. 

Features include:

  • Reliable and authoritative content for most subjects from foundation and infant to lower secondary school.
  • Page-turning books that can be accessed at home and at school.
  • Graphic books included.
  • Hundreds of curriculum books, supported by videos and pictures.
  • Full staff access in class and at home.
  • ‘Swish, flip and wriggle’ page-turning system to engage the most reluctant of students.
  • Ability to use on your whiteboard.
  • Ability to provide student home access using a separate sub-user password.
  • Ability to provide multimedia page reads by simple click/tap in i-topics and search.
  • Provision of lesson plans.
  • Comprehension workbooks integrated into subject areas to make literacy a more natural part of teaching.



To get started login using your username and password (sent to Head Teacher) and access materials using book covers.

Curriculum Visions offer a free half hour online training session to be delivered at staff meetings. Contact Curriculum Visions for more details. 

For more information contact:

Karen Horsfield,

Resources for Learning,




01278 421015