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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Library Management Systems

"We think it is a way forward to encourage active library use and effective management of resources." (Yeo Valley Primary School)

"Computer based systems to organise and manage resources plus provide access for library users. ''



  • An issue system is a method used to record items which have been borrowed from (issued) from a library so staff can keep track of resources and produce statistical information about how they support teaching and learning.

  • Any issue system should:

          o       allow the borrower of an item to be traced

          o       hold records of individual borrowers

          o       report on borrowing habits of an individual, class, school, gender, year group etc

          o       identify which books are popular and which are not

          o       provide statistical information

          o       give evidence regarding how the library supports learning in the school for self-                   evaluation, management, governors Ofsted etc.

  • Additionally a computerised system will:

          o       list all items

          o       offer the facility to search the database in a variety of ways

          o       offer the facility to catalogue online records and links to them



          o       Hanging chart with named pocket for each child.

          o       Each item contains a pocket with card showing title and name of author.

          o      When an item is loaned the card is taken from the pocket and placed in the pocket on
                  the wall chart with the child’s name.

          o       When the item is returned the book card is replaced in the book.


          o       A notebook is provided for each class with a page for each child in alphabetical order.
                   Every time an item is borrowed it is recorded under the correct child’s name.  Columns
                   can be customised to include the details required by the school such as title, author,
                   date borrowed, comments etc.  When the item is returned the entry is crossed
                   through or a note made in another column that it has been returned.

          o       A similar system can be implemented using index cards.


          o       Each item has a date label, pocket and book card.  Each borrower has one or more

          o       When an item is borrowed the card is removed from the date label and placed in the
                   borrower’s card.  The date label can be stamped with a return date.

          o       The card is filed in trays by class or date.

          o       When the item is returned the card is replaced in the date label pocket.


          o       Records every item in library giving details of title, author, ISBN, class number and
                   accession (unique identification number).  It can also contain many other details
                   including a picture of the item.

          o       These are downloaded into the system by scanning the ISBN.  Providers of such
                   systems will charge an annual fee Helpdesk fee for this service.

          o       The system records the names of all potential borrowers.  Often these can be
                   imported from SIMS.  Each borrower has a unique Identification number.  Borrowers
                   can be issued with a card with this number or a record of borrower’s names and
                   numbers can be kept in the library.  Some systems offer a fingerprint reader.

          o       To issue an item, the borrower’s number is scanned followed by the item barcode.

          o       On return the item number must be scanned into the system.

For further information see;

          o       SLA Mini Guidelines.  Check it out:  Issue systems for the Primary School Library.  Tricia
                   Adams and Kathy Lemaire.  ISBN 9781903446560     

 Please contact us for further advice.