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Monday, August 10, 2020

Comments - What You Say About Us

Here are just some of the comments you have sent us!

  • Training

    The library's being really widely used now and the librarians have really benefitted from your training and are really enthusiastic. Thank you for all your help and guidance, it's made a real difference.

  • Resource Provision

    'In a time of cuts and uncertainty, the squeezing of budgets and schools desperately trying to scrimp and scrape every penny they can find, Resources for Learning provides exceptional value for money and it is a relief to schools when materials can be borrowed on any topic for any subject'.

    'I don’t think we could do topic work without them'.

    'Resources for Learning cannot be looked upon a yellow box that appears at the start of every term and then disappears at its end; it is actually an enriched wealth of information in terms of supporting children with their learning and teachers with their teaching'.

    'This is the true strength of the service: access to a wealth of up to date and relevant materials, which are relevant to all age groups and abilities, in numbers that mean it is possible to use with the whole class.  This is even more impressive with the current situation we find ourselves in where we have moved away from the ‘traditional project/topic’ areas of the QCA to a more personalised Elmhurst curriculum – yet still our needs are met'.

  • Literacy and Reading for Pleasure 

    'A major impact which resources for learning is currently  having on our children’s learning is related to guided reading.  By  providing us with a range of books, in a host of genres, at different reading levels we are able to plan effective guided reading sessions which strengthen the children’s decoding skills as well as their ability to comprehend and fully understand the texts they are reading…This is something financially, as a school we are not able to provide'.

    '…the children often sitting and sharing a book with a friend, discussing the content and recommending another book from the RfL selection'.

  • Library Improvement Scheme

    'In particular the expert guidance and encouragement and organisation which we received when setting up our new library was professional and for sure the main reason that the children are now choosing to read for pleasure'.

    'We are going to rely on your advice and expertise when setting up the new library'.

  • Staff Service

    'We are always met by friendly, helpful staff.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and we are directed to resources that will enhance our teaching.  A quick phone call has resulted in a delivery of materials in a couple of days'.

    'I can ring up and ask for resources on almost any subject out of the blue and get an immediate response…I can usually collect an item within two hours'.